"Such, for instance, is a piece of mould with a bullet-hole in it as a sign of a shot; for without the shot there would have been no hole; but there is a hole there, whether anybody has the sense to attribute it to a shot or not." –Charles Peirce

Palimpsesto (Moncloa) explores the persistence of the traces of the Spanish Civil War in Madrid’s Moncloa district. From 1936 to 1936, the front line of the war cut directly through the district's university campus and green areas. Through a series of rubbings on cloth, Polaroids, and physical remains, the project deals with the physical trace, removing the layers which cause these traces to go unnoticed much as one uncovers the hidden layers of text in a palimpsest.

Palimpsesto (Moncloa) explora la persistencia de las huellas de la Guerra Civil en la zona de la Moncloa de Madrid. De 1936 a 1939, la línea de frente discurría a través de la Ciudad Universitaria y los espacios verdes colindantes. A partir de una serie de frottage sobre tela, Polaroids y restos materiales, el proyecto aborda la huella material, buscando quitar las capas que hacen que estas huellas pasen desapercibidas, como quien lee las capas de texto ocultas en un palimpsesto.

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Parque del Oeste Bunker, Parque del Oeste Bunker, Parque del Oeste Campo de rugby/Tierra de nadie